"I have just had one of the best massages of my life. Went to Kevin with a trapped nerve and after a 90 minute session I am pain free. He can read my body like a book. Highly recommend his professional approach and expertise." Andy

"Kevin is a welcoming and gentle man who gives an outstanding massage. Totally professional and has a great contact with his hands to ensure that every part of your body feels valued relaxed and touched. Yes would give a gold star." Danny

"I had an appointment with Kevin for the first time today to find that he was a very welcoming & polite man. The room was well prepared for my treatment and his massage was top quality. Totally professional, giving the required pressure to rid my back of all those knots that had built up over the last month or so. I was fully relaxed by the end of the session. Kevin fully deserves top marks." Steve

"I'd had 2 weeks of stress and had not slept well for a while. I explained this to Kevin, who suggested using hot stones during my massage. Kevin had a very relaxed, calm vibe about him. It was very easy to feel comfortable around him. This is due to his obvious experience and professionalism. The massage was amazing. Kevin seemed to sense the correct pressure to use on me. Whereas some massages I've had in the past are too vigorous or too light, Kevin's touch was just perfect. I felt so relaxed when I left, so much different to when I'd first arrived. I would recommend Kevin to my friends without hesitation and look forward to my next one." Sarah, Surrey

"After a stressful few months at work, I went to Kevin for a deep tissue massage, in the hope it would help me relax. With just the right pressure, he worked out all the stress knots in my back and shoulders and as I got up from the couch it felt as though work was a distant memory! I highly recommend Kevin; he is truly a master of his art and is impeccibly professional." Samantha, Wallington

"Kevin has lots of energy that seems to almost pour out of his hands. After having experienced several massages, I consider him to be absolutely excellent! He has the right approach, and knows how to adjust his techniques to match personal requirements. He also has an excellent understanding of the human body and works with a great sense of humour, which makes things so much easier. Without a doubt, Kevin has a genuine interest in his clients, that makes him very special. I highly and unreservedly recommend him." Gino, Central London

"I have had both the pleasure and privilege of knowing Kevin since September 2012. Kevin is a well-mannered, gentle and warm person, with a mature and friendly disposition. Kevin's massages are always of a high quality and leave me feeling relaxed and de-stressed. While he is working, he is very focussed and in tune with my body; he concentrates carefully on areas that he feels need more attention, as well as bearing in mind any issues I raise with him. Kevin is honest, trustworthy, very intuitive, and reliable and I highly recommend this charming young gentleman to anyone seeking some genuine relaxation. You will not be disappointed." Graham, SE London

"I was lucky enough to discover Kevin about three months ago, and I am pleased that I did. His massages are the best I have come accross - relaxing, sensitive and focused on my specific requirements at the time. Kevin is a friendly and charming guy and has the intuition of knowing precisely what I want. I strongly recommend him to all looking for a genuinely wonderful massage." Steve, South London